Laurie Grattan,
Digital Brand Designer,
Enthusiastic problem solver,
Conceptual idea generator,
Meticulous Figma-file organiser,
Compassionate user considerer,
Informed developer translator,
Curious question ponderer,
Ambitious colour selector,
Refined typography appreciator,
Relentless solutions explorer,
Hesitant occasional copywriter,
To-do list completer,
Self-professed good-vibe facilitator.

(Scoll for work)

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What do I actually do, you ask?

I specialise in creating unique, interesting, and effective digital experiences. Often in collaboration with creative agencies and design teams all over the world.

For over a decade I’ve been working with award-winning design studios, creating user interfaces and digital products. I also work directly with brands and individuals.

Essentially, I spend my time considering how people will use something, and then working out how to make that look good and communicate effectively.