Cool story, but what does that actually mean?

I specialise in creating unique and interesting digital experiences, often in collaboration with creative agencies and design studios (I’m based in Melbourne but work with teams all over the world).

That can involve converting an existing brand into something that’s more online-friendly, iterating conceptual ideas or creating brands from scratch to live on-screen.

For over a decade I’ve been working with award-winning design studios around the world creating user interfaces and digital products by interrogating information architecture and exploring digital strategy and applying that to user experience principles.

Basically, I spend my time considering how people will use something, and then working out how to make that look good and communicate effectively. 

Before you ask, I don’t code. I stick to what I’m good at, design. I then work with developers and let them do what they’re good at. Together, we push the limits of what’s possible in digital design and create some really cool stuff!

I mostly work as a bolt-on to design teams, but also directly with brands and individuals. You can use me however you like! I’ll happily be your in-house digital consultant, your remote specialist, your client-facing expert, your gun on the tools or your technical secret weapon... I won’t tell anyone if you don’t!